Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Innovations Touch Screen Bathroom by Fima

This is the complement of the interior of your bathroom is modern. Designed by Fima with touch screen and is equipped with sleek lines, simple style and form of the faucet is equipped with intelligent features that do all the thinking for you. New innovations from the bathroom faucet is a combination of high tech, so just touch the screen to preset your ideal water temperature, etc. control the use of water. Please visit the following website for more information Fima

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cute & Unique Lamp Shades Design from Citylux

This is a cute design of Citylux. Although the theme animalier but still look unique to complement your home design. Consists of various types and patterns : a table lamp shades, hanging ceiling lights, wall-mounted, and floor lamps. Very cute because wrapped with leather cover leopard. If you would like more information, please visit Citylux Website

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dining Room Decorated in Celebration of Christmas Day

Here's a dining room decorated in celebration of Christmas day. Because this moment was so meaningful for the celebration. Of course you will do my best to organize home decorating your dining room, especially during the celebration. Choice of colors, knick knacks like fresh fruits are sweet, sparkling, hand-painted Christmas tree ornament, and cranberry candle or combine all the elements there to create a beautiful table to impress your guest room. This course can you make Andapun inspiration and creativity can play with you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Lighting Idea of Bamboo by Zen Garden Decoration

There are no words that can be spoken to following the design other than perfect, artistic, and so unique. Indoor lighting for your home design is taking the idea of bamboo, because its shape was so similar to the arrangement of stems in such design and has an aluminum base that holds the rod, which is formed by repetition of modules, made of flexible translucent acrylic, who works as a screen. On each bar is held to the basic lighting through hidden metallic structure that holds the modules and electrical systems and so flexible, so creating a harmonic rhythm of the movement gentle. This is a postmodern version of the Zen Garden designs. If interested, please visit the website click here.

Economically Valuable Furniture by Belkiz Feedway

If we look at the following design, you would not be surprised if this is the result of innovative recycled cardboard. Which is Belkiz Feedway designers from Australia to recycle cardboard into an economically valuable furniture that is environmentally friendly, strong, safe to use, and also portable. Very useful not?? Can be used as a seat for a baby, public seats, a cafe and is also equipped with a tow point saddle. Visy is made from recycled cardboard that is easy to clean. If you are interested to know this product please visit the website click here

Friday, December 18, 2009

Unique & Artistic Decoration Kitchen Ideas from Coolors, Italia

Kitchen has a unique and artistic must be the dream of all people. If I am, would be very boring to cook in the kitchen with a messy room, not colored, as if making me excited to cook in the kitchen. But after seeing the following design might change all that boring becomes more beautiful. Using silk screening process you can convert coolors a boring tool into something unique and artistic display images and colors that suit personal style. This unique ideas to decorate the kitchen ideas from Coolors, Italy-based company that specializes in colored refrigerators, appliances, panels and adjustments to the interior. You can also decorate it with your pictures, really interesting is not it??


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ferrari Rot Themed for Kitchen Decoration from Kitche Concept

Here's a choice your kitchen decor. Ferrari-themed product, of course, you can distribute your racing hobby by decorating your kitchen with your hobby themed. Nominated by the red color of the Rot KicheConcept Ferrari luxury kitchen is designed with glossy, laminated finish in red and black color combination, have a xy curves and high-quality ergonomic design, the basin is located in an 'S' shaped island, which stood behind the storage and wall-oven units fitted. It's amazing is not it?? If you are interested please use the product from KicheConcept

4th Division House from Chigasaki Kanagawa Prefecture by Hiro Kitanabe

4th division this house was deliberately designed a minimalist space that has a different side each other. The building is on the domicile of wood has an area 62.20 square meters with the first floor structure is a café doubling the living room and kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom, look at the floorplan and the house for more information about room layout and organization . Results from the design architect Hiro Kitanabe located in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, it was very exciting to be a residential stay so comfortable. For more information, please visit the website Hiro Kitanabe

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open Space Library Desain From Turkey by Superpool

If you visit the following libraries, you must be very happy to spend time here. Outside and innovative design is the design by the designer of Superpool. Structuring the library starting from a conservative table, which has fully opened the public reading room installation at an art gallery space is a generous addition to the urban life of Istanbul's most crowded pedestrian street, visitors have unlimited space. Gallery space is designed as an auditorium, with chairs on one side facing the 'stage' with the books arranged in the background. Proposals with an element of trying to make some choices for public interaction; lectures, readings, screenings, small talk can all be accommodated in it. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the library has an area of 260 square meters.

Photos by Iwan Baan ; Source : Superpool