Saturday, October 31, 2009

Living Room with Leather Element Concept designed by Belsize Architect, London

Living room are located in the following narrow road near the village and the design results Hampstead Heath Artisek Belsize based in London England. Using the key elements of the leather is a good inspiration for the decoration of ruang. Unit dumb waiter from the kitchen below, a bar, TV, storage and include lighting at the top. Upstairs is the master bedroom room, with bathroom, walk-in closet and learning. Visit the website click here

Coupla Spherical Fireplace from Vauini

The fireplace in the winter is necessary for all people. For areas that have winter certainly important to buy a heating stove in the winter to come. There is a fireplace in Vauini modern and cool that could be your choice of home interior during winter. Form a unique design, a round, according to the form of bio-ethanol burner is possible ventilation-less and hassle free-fire.
The price was set at $ 2,735, there are two different colors of black and white will look simple and unique.
More information  follow this VAUINI

Fresh Japanese Noodle Bar IConcept Designed by Hosoya Schaefer Architects (ANAN )

Japan is one of the many countries who poured a lot of creative ideas, one of them a Japanese interior design "Hosoya Schaefer Architects' representation of contemporary Tokyo. Anan is a new Japanese concept Noogle Bar is located in Wolfsburg, this is a bar with a fresh artistic concept with cartoon patterns Walpaper geometric structure. Consists of a series of distorted geometric pattern of hexagonal cells on the floor too ceiling. Aluminum floor grid is expressed as lines on the floor in coherent white polyurethane ceiling reflects the light line the restaurant. Tues developed and can be populated in different manners. They contain counter (Yatai), or a table (kotatsu), vending machines, cloakroom or plastic plates as three-dimensional column of the menu. The cells are made of 25 mm thick acryl panel that span 3.5 m from floor to ceiling and covered with graphic patterns generated by the choice of the young graphic designer from Japan.

An algorithm that has been developed to run as a Maya plug-in to minimize the amount of angle and radius for different panels. The whole project is based only on two different angles and therefore the optimal range required to form a panel formwork. Space was conceived to be transparent and filled with a variety of graphics and a different sensibility to create a heterogeneous, urban whole.
Website hosoyaschaefer

Bedroom Interior with Zen Minimalist Concept in Hotel Gabriel Paris

If you stay in the hotel room of course you want the atmosphere of a quiet room and relax. That is offered by the room at the Hotel Gabriel Paris by order of the Zen minimalist space clad in white and pastel colors, and background that makes the body feel relaxed and damai.Gabriel rilex Marais Hotel Paris is the first with the concept of "Detox Hotel" aimed at the welfare and regeneration . In each bedroom there are Hi-end technology equipment: flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi internet access, I-pod station and adding LED pencayahaan premium amenities to relax and purify your body and mind to relaxation. Complete information click here

DIY Camping Car Design for Adventurous

If you are adventurous and dream to have a shelter run, the concept car house might be your inspiration. Although this trailer looks simple but the interior is very cool. Houses are made of this old truck modifications as the car transformed into a contemporary home that has a complete indor like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom with full equipment. Visit website click here

Artistic Landscape Garden Concept Sculptural Glass

The following design is the concept of the park setting on the shores of Lake Ontario located in Toronto. With a size 7 feet high by 10 feet, the structure consists of 77 blocks of glass from the glass shades of aqua blue spoon green also like a waterfall that flows gently. SWON itself is also a collection of art glass design and installation sculpture lamps that obscure the line of art and desain.Information details, please visit

Modern Concept Women's Institute Designed by Nodol17-Madrid,Spain

Design buildings that are the building arts institution located in Mostoles, Madrid, Spain where the award winning over the competition that inspired a new facility for the Women's Institute and also the city archives. The building was designed by nodol17 (Manuel Perez Romero) who created the "raw" building structures and services which had been left open (women's institute and the city archives)

via nodo17

A Different Kind of Whale ( by Peddle Thorpe Architects)

This building design Thorpe Architects peddling that remind us of the new architectural wonders of Dubai. Large structure resembling a cobra's head is a strange but beautiful glimpse surrounded by water. At first we were not sure of the concept of this building, but considering the issue of the environment was all over. Because the designers in the world will surely notice it. via freshome