Monday, October 12, 2009

Simone Micheli with The Nice Exedra Hotel

Design at Hotel Exedra Nice in Nice is a 3D look and want to be the union of architecture, sensation, and health, the synergy between basic and highly functional furniture, plastic and liquid forms, and personal experiences of past guests of this room, in a dream beautiful is not intended for real. This is sinestetic, visual, conceptual and volumetric reflection, which means to describe a way to celebrate the relationship between human beings, building space and health, between the theoretical dimensions and consists of truth, between the material, surface, light, color, sound, fragrance and interactive water. An place, hybrid, and unusual emotional, which is characterized by a zone of acceptance, distribution lines, male and female locker rooms, fitness area, treatment cabins, wet zone with steam bath, steam bath, shower, ice maker and relax zone, and swimming pool with water play twins. Given more about planning in each room can be made extraordinary means. Total planning research is characterized by emotional endless: a place that is treated like pieces of architecture with a sharp statement teasing theatrality interact with all the sensorial faculties. This is the place to suggest and encourage imagine every spatial chip, thought to produce some combination of interaction and sensual. New health center of the Hotel Exedra Nice, designed by architect Simone Micheli, offers guests the chance to relax and sensory experiences living in a dream come true, unique, spectacular, shake, giving them dimension stupefying surprise. It seemed like manghabiskan time to relax while enjoying the charm offered at Nice Hotel Exedra Simone Micheli result of this design.