Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fresh Japanese Noodle Bar IConcept Designed by Hosoya Schaefer Architects (ANAN )

Japan is one of the many countries who poured a lot of creative ideas, one of them a Japanese interior design "Hosoya Schaefer Architects' representation of contemporary Tokyo. Anan is a new Japanese concept Noogle Bar is located in Wolfsburg, this is a bar with a fresh artistic concept with cartoon patterns Walpaper geometric structure. Consists of a series of distorted geometric pattern of hexagonal cells on the floor too ceiling. Aluminum floor grid is expressed as lines on the floor in coherent white polyurethane ceiling reflects the light line the restaurant. Tues developed and can be populated in different manners. They contain counter (Yatai), or a table (kotatsu), vending machines, cloakroom or plastic plates as three-dimensional column of the menu. The cells are made of 25 mm thick acryl panel that span 3.5 m from floor to ceiling and covered with graphic patterns generated by the choice of the young graphic designer from Japan.

An algorithm that has been developed to run as a Maya plug-in to minimize the amount of angle and radius for different panels. The whole project is based only on two different angles and therefore the optimal range required to form a panel formwork. Space was conceived to be transparent and filled with a variety of graphics and a different sensibility to create a heterogeneous, urban whole.
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