Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Romanticism & Modern Women Store Interior (designed by SAKO Architects,Hangzhou China )

Romanticism is a women clothing store located in Hangzhou, China and that is holding about 500 boutiques. This store was designed by SAKO Architects, designed in ultra modern style that no one could copy. Clothes are what being cut and made of two-dimensional fabric and wrap up three-dimensional body. It started with the idea of adjusting temperature and later grew up into the second skin. Spaces also wrap up body, adjusting temperature. However being different from clothes, space cannot move.
The net change its shape into partition, counter, chair, furniture as well as railing. Act as the third skin, net comprise of bone, flesh as well as skin. Bone is ordinary reinforcing steel, flesh is form insulation and glass fiber, and skin is epoxy resin as well as oil paint. Some display holes were made in three-dimensional white wall. It is enlarged motif of body and clothes.The store interior was look so futuristic, decorate with organic net winding through the space amazing clothing store design.
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Photography by Koji Fujii-Nacasa & Partners Inc.