Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ghini Associates with Ferrari Store of Serrevalle Scrivia Ferrari Concept

Building with an area of about 370 square meters with the dominant red color is synonymous with Formula One. IOSA design results Ghini Associates located outside Glen Mc Artur Outlet in Serravalle Scrivia is a Ferrari Store of Serrevalle Scrivia Ferrari concept. Graph style is an integral part of the project, the personal vision of the IOSA Ghini Associates architectural space, in which three-dimensional meeting to get the area covered is able to capture all the senses, to deliver an interesting idea through physical and iconographic interpretation.

Glass outside the commercial gallery space. As with all Ferrari merchandise shop area: zone for Ferrari fans are designed with high flexibility of aluminum bar, the luxurious zone of the display window using soft materials, brushed and polished leather varnish, in the zone of children who integrated the two systems: the screen and displays windows finished in yellow varnish. The ceiling in the form of fake design lines and follow the path ensemble visitors. Design area is closely related to graphic design and specific projects for each of the Ferrari Store.
More information follow this website on  Iosa Ghini Associates

via : contemporist