Monday, November 2, 2009

António Sérgio Koch with The Hoz in Foz, Portugal

Hoz in Foz desaigned by António Sérgio Koch location on Oporto, Portugal built in the middle of the field and the entrance is made by the rationing is more profitable, the road perpendicular to the sea, thus avoiding large earth movements, and conflicts with possible connections to the sea side of the road, keeping in-depth see horizon. The concept of this modern building allows natural light and a height of two floors above ground remains of the surrounding buildings. The outer layer is carried out through ventilation of the facade with white marble slabs Portuguese Estremoz, 2.70 x1, 00m, sand cursed, with an estimated height of each floor housing. Interior wall, an integral part of development, built on granite blocks (0.12 m esp.) Évora Gray, also reduce the presence of a house with other elements to create a transition with a maximum height of vertical construction. It's very possible to enjoy the park more comfortable.

via : archdaily