Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lego Group Creatif Idea Office Designed by Bosch & Fjord

In the following design is a creative idea, which made work so much. In the design office with a fixed reflecting corporate values and creating a comfortable space for all employees. The design on each corner to create a separate emotionally. EGO Group office is one of the Bosch & Fjord project completed in 2007. Bosch & Fjord designed a series of meeting rooms, reception and cafe area and a few rooms and projects to inspire and challenge employees in-creases the sustainable development process in the development department of the LEGO Group. In this office you can enjoy the facility lobby, cafe, meeting rooms, reception, etc., which in the design so interesting. Hopes to improve morale in it.
Source by Bosch - Fjord ; Photos by : Anders Sune Berg